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Not having to use a Practitioner Locum/staffing agency in my ten years here at Phillips County Hospital until just recently I/we had to go out and explore all of our options of where to get quality, professional, competent and caring Practitioners and through that search we found Wilderness Medical Staffing. We have found that the Practitioners that they have available and are able to send to our facility and community are a great fit and exactly what we need in providing quality patient care.  The other thing that makes Wilderness so great to work with is their Administrative/business team (Mary Ellen and Noah) who are so accommodating in working with a facility to meet their specific needs, are flexible and willing to think outside the box for what is appropriate to each individual facility and/or situation.  I would highly recommend Wilderness Medical Staffing to anyone of my colleagues/peers for their locum Practitioner needs.

Ward VanWichen, CEO, Malta, Montana

Wilderness Medical Staffing has consistently provided superior practitioners to our outlying clinics. The providers who have come through Wilderness Medical Staffing are familiar with bush Alaska and the challenges that remote medical practice can have. We always prefer to call Mary Ellen Doty first for our locum medical needs.

Medical Director, IHS Health Consortium, Alaska

I have been highly satisfied with the caliber of midlevel locum tenens provided by Wilderness Medical Staffing.  WMS is an Alaska-based medical staffing company that understands the needs of Alaska.  I appreciate the high-level of personal service given by Mary Ellen Doty, WMS President and herself a nurse practitioner with many years of experience working in Alaska.  I highly recommend WMS to those in need of midlevel locum tenens services.

David Crawford, Administrator, Tok, Alaska

Wilderness Medical Staffing is our preferred locums company. Not only are their providers totally competent, they understand rural medicine. They come prepared to wear all the hats that a provider in a rural facility must wear, sometimes all at once! Wilderness Medical Staffing sets the pace!!

Brad Howell, CEO, Roundup Memorial Healthcare, Montana

I’d like to comment that your staffing agency is excellent.  Very organized, flexible when the requests change and provide quality providers.

M.H., Montana Hospital CEO

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It’s the little things that make such a difference and sets you guys apart!

Martha Judice, FNP

WMS is the best travel company I have worked for. Best paying and the staff always provide the needed back ground information for each new travel site.  You know where you are going and what to expect when you get there.  Travel and living arrangements have always been excellent.  The president , Mary Ellen Doty is awesome, a real hands on leader.  The best in the business.

Mary Caffee, FNP

Working with Wilderness Medical Staffing has been a great experience:  A straight up company working conscientiously to take care of their providers.  I have confidence they bring the best compensation packages possible for each assignment.  There is always a good line-up of locums opportunities, most of which are in unique, interesting, locations in Alaska.  Highly recommended!

Tim Jones, PA-C

It was a most rewarding experience on all fronts.  The working environment was very suitable, staff extremely helpful and pleasant, patients most appreciative, etc. I was very satisfied with my accommodations, use of car, and overall arrangements.  I have made some dear friends there and sincerely hope to return someday:) Thank you for this wonderful opportunity and I look forward to future experiences.

Margaret Zimmerman, FNP 

I thoroughly enjoy working with Wilderness Medical Staffing.  I have all the benefits of being self-employed without the billing headaches.  Mary Ellen understands the clinician and client needs. She carefully screens the opportunities to ensure a great fit.

Becky Sturdevant, FNP

I must say, you [Mary Ellen] and Noah as well as the rest of the crew have made 2015 one of the most enjoyable and fulfilling years of my career ! God bless you all and the work that you do.

Ann Bollmann, FNP

WMS is definitely my go-to for extra work and I would recommend your staffing company to anyone (and often do) without hesitation. I greatly appreciate WMS’s professionalism, timely responsiveness, options for involvement and most especially your personalized support!


I just want to say how much I have appreciated working with you and your team this year. You are very kind, informative and take personal interest in your locums providers, as well as locums locations. Following our first conversation, I felt very comfortable and confident that my first working experiences in Alaska would be great.

I’m prompted to say this because, since starting locums, I have been contacted by several other agencies that have only made me feel like a ‘product’ or ‘commodity.’ It really seemed like I was speaking with used car salesmen who were trying to make a commission despite what that meant for me.

So, again, thank you for your open, honest, personable style and caring staff that are easy to communicate with. I look forward to working more assignments with you this year.

Megann Mitchell, FNP

Mary Ellen and the crew at Wilderness Medical Staffing have opened many doors for me professionally, affording me and my family an intimate connection with native and non- native villages throughout interior Alaska. It sure has been a privilege to provide healthcare to some really interesting people, but for me the rewards are the friendships earned, and it is so easy with Wilderness Medical Staffing taking care of all the travel and logistics.

Greg Sayers, PA-C

Wilderness Medical Staffing is a delightful and exciting company to work for.  The clinic placements range from suburban to rural.  Mary Ellen Doty, ANP and owner has transportation and housing arranged for the provider before they arrive so you simply need to begin working. Bush Alaska presents many challenges and Mary Ellen knows by experience what those challenges are as she has worked in many of those clinics herself, which leads to the support you will receive from her while you are in an assignment…Lower 48 staffing companies don’t understand the challenges faced by the practitioners in bush Alaska, but Wilderness Medical Staffing does, end of story.

Kathy Sterner, FNP