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Healthcare Staffing Planning for 2024: Key Things to Consider

The healthcare staffing industry changes every year and it’s our job as contributors to the healthcare landscape to stay prepared and adjust when those changes happen. At Wilderness Medical Staffing, we get the opportunity to engage with multiple clients and providers every day. Because of that, we often see issues, trends, challenges, and more that […]

Strategies for Attracting and Retaining Locum Tenens Healthcare Providers in Rural and Remote Settings

Healthcare facilities and organizations that need healthcare providers in rural and remote locations are faced with unique challenges that may not exist for their urban counterparts. Locum tenens healthcare providers can be an integral part of providing healthcare for communities living in rural and remote areas. However, keeping those providers coming back to your facility […]

The Rise of Flexible Staffing Models in 2023: Innovations, Challenges, and the Projected Future of Locum Tenens

The concept of flexible staffing models in healthcare isn’t new. However, for many healthcare facilities, especially rural and remote ones like the ones we staff, flexible staffing models aren’t just an option, they are a necessity. In this article, we’ll dig deep into the flexible staffing model, including innovations and trends, challenges, and the future […]

Addressing the Concerns of Switching to Rural Locum Tenens Work

Are you a medical provider considering a transition to locum tenens work? Many providers who learn about locum tenens get excited about what the adventure could bring but see it as a somewhat frightening transition from their current status quo. Nerves can be eased when you have the information you need to make informed decisions. […]

Locum Tenens: Alaska By Region – Southeast Alaska

For healthcare providers who enjoy the great outdoors, welcome the challenge of an austere environment, and want to go outside of their comfort zone, taking locum tenens assignments in Alaska can be especially rewarding. This article is the first of our “Locum Tenens: Alaska by Region” series, intended to teach providers more about the areas […]

Pros and Cons of Remote and Rural Locum Tenens Jobs

Whether working as a locum tenens has been a long-term career goal, or you are excited by the flexible lifestyle, knowing what to expect can be helpful before exploring a career as a locum tenens. Since we staff rural and remote locations throughout the Northwest United States and Alaska, we’ll focus this article on the […]

How to Gain More Emergency Medicine Experience as a Locum Tenens

As a specialized healthcare staffing agency, we are dedicated to staffing rural and remote locations. Often, the facilities we staff are solo-provider sites. That means that as a healthcare provider, you need to be able to carry your own while on assignment. The majority of our clients request that providers have at least two years […]

The Complete Locum Tenens Document Checklist

You’re ready to make the career jump into working as a locum tenens, but how do you get started? While it might not be much fun, one of the most beneficial things you can do is have your documents ready. In this article, we’ll break down all of the paperwork and documentation you’ll need to […]

How to Stay Connected as a Locum Tenens in Alaska

If you’re considering working locum tenens assignments in Alaska, get excited to embark on one of the biggest adventures of your life! Alaska is known for its splendor of sights, an abundance of animals, and wide-open spaces. For healthcare providers who truly want to experience some of Alaska’s most beautiful landscapes, rural Alaska locum tenens […]