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Locum Tenens: Montana By Region – Eastern Montana

For healthcare providers seeking adventure, a wholesome cultural experience, and the chance to make a difference in a rural setting, Eastern Montana is an ideal destination for locum tenens assignments. This article is the first of our “Locum Tenens: Montana by Region” series, designed to provide insight into the areas that we staff. Read on […]

How to Choose the Right Locum Tenens Company

Burnout, bad schedules, inflexible time off, unfulfilling work, inadequate pay. These are just some of the many reasons why medical professionals across the country are flocking to the locum tenens way of life. Especially since the COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare companies are increasingly dependent on temporary staffing too. Maybe you are one of those medical providers […]

How to Find the Perfect Rural Montana Locum Jobs

The state of Montana is an ideal location to get your start in rural and remote locum tenens work. If you’re interested in dipping your toes into locums work, you’re likely looking for shorter assignments in a location with easy travel access. In this article, we will illustrate what you can expect on a locums […]

The Complete Alaska Nurse Practitioner License Guide

Wilderness Medical Staffing is proud to staff more healthcare providers in rural areas of Alaska than any other healthcare staffing agency. We started our company by staffing healthcare providers in Alaska and we encourage our locum tenens contracted providers to obtain their Alaska licensure so you can experience what it’s like to have an Alaskan […]

What to Expect with Locum Tenens Housing While on Assignment

For many providers looking to take their first locum tenens assignment in remote areas of the country, availability and quality of housing are very common concerns. Images of sleeping in an igloo, or perhaps a cabin teetering off the edge of a cliff in Charlie Chaplin’s “Gold Rush” may come to mind. But worry not! […]