Meet Debbie C.

Provider Type
Family NP

Location of Locum Assignment(s)
Coastal Alaska

Describe your pre-medical and/or pre-locum work experience.

Well I have never been pre-medical! Started as a tech in the ED thirty three years ago. Went on to become an RN and worked in Cardiac and ED for many years. Then I became an NP twelve years ago, working in primary care and emergency medicine.

What drew you to locum tenens work?

I was feeling some burnout and was looking for something to reignite my passion for patients.

Why did you choose to work with Wilderness Medical Staffing?

I was immediately drawn to WMS because of the opportunity to work in rural and remote communities that have limited access to healthcare. Also Mary Ellen Doty, founder, worked in these areas and has an understanding of how it is to work remotely. Her passion and vision have made WMS an amazing company. WMS feels like family!

What have you enjoyed most about your locum tenens experiences?

I have enjoyed meeting people from all over the world and learning their culture and medical beliefs. Seeing the local community and the beauty of Alaska.

How has your experience been with WMS?

WMS is amazing! I feel part of a family. Tanner from Recruiting, Ashley in Operations and Diann my Account Executive all helped me navigate the process and assignments smoothly and provided all the information needed quickly.

What surprised you most about your locum tenens experiences?

That I would feel so connected to the people and really enjoy my work.

What stands out to you about the communities and cultures you have interacted with as a locum tenens provider?

That we have so much in common with each other, no matter what culture we come from. The importance of listening, understanding and appreciating different cultures to help in medical treatment.

What advice do you have for prospective locum tenens providers?

Be adaptable and open to new experiences, and bring your own pillow.

What is the most interesting thing you’ve learned while out on assignment?

What I learned from working in a seafood processing plant: there is so much more to enjoying that piece of fish on your plate. There is hard work that starts from the fishermen to the processing and distribution. There are so many people involved in the fish we eat!

Is there anything else you would like to share?

I have seen and met the hardest working people. The human spirit, determination and dedication of people working hard together has been inspiring.