Meet Ed

Provider Type

Location of Locum Assignment(s)
Montana, Alaska, and Washington

Briefly describe your pre-medical and/or pre-locum work experience
ER RN for 7 years, Flight RN for 8 years.

What drew you to locum tenens work?
The flexibility and the opportunity to travel.

Why did you choose WMS?
I worked in an area where WMS had some excellent locum providers. The other staffing company kept sending providers that were terrible, couldn’t deal with the remote Alaskan challenges. So that exposure left me thinking that if I ever wanted to do locum work, it needed to be a company that vets their providers well, and WMS was at the top of that list.

What have you enjoyed most about your locum tenens experiences?
Other than meeting new people and seeing new landscapes, for me it has been the professional growth just from the exposure to seeing how things are done differently throughout different healthcare organizations. From that I have been able to add some great tools of the trade to my toolbox.

What surprised you the most about your locum tenens  experiences?
How in most places patients are appreciative and understanding of the sacrifices involved to come to their locations and provide health care.

How has your experience been with WMS?
I love working with WMS. When issues do arrive with travel or anything else, WMS has my back. I feel that I am part of a team with WMS.

What stands out to you about the communities and cultures you have interacted with as a locum tenens  provider?
I’ve been in Alaska for many years, so no surprises there. In Montana I have enjoyed experiencing the similarities between the rural communities and the remote locations I work (and live at) in Alaska. In Montana, I greatly enjoyed the Hispanic community.

What advice do you have for prospective locum tenens providers?
Make sure you have a good foundation of a well varied exposure to different patients, be willing to roll with the punches. Flexibility is key.

What’s the most interesting thing that you learned while on assignment?
The humpback whales mourn their dying pod members. I witnessed this first-hand while on assignment in Southeast Alaska.

Is there anything else you would like to share?
WMS is a great company and will support you and make sure you are successful in their assignments.