Meet Robert

Provider Type

Location of Locum Assignment(s)
Montana and Alaska

Briefly describe your pre-medical and/or pre-locum work experience
I ran a full scope walk-in clinic for the uninsured for 10 years.

What drew you to locum tenens work?
After I closed my clinic in 2013, I lost the sense of mission that I had with my clinic and was looking for a new mission.

Why did you choose WMS?
It had been highly recommended to me by an emergency room provider.

What have you enjoyed most about your locum tenens experiences?
The variety of assignments and opportunities, but especially the people.

What surprised you the most about your locum tenens experiences?
How much I enjoyed the travel and the flexibility of scheduling work.

How has your experience been with WMS?
I love the people that I work with and have been pleased with their professionalism and caring.

What stands out to you about the communities and cultures you have interacted with as a locum tenens provider?
The goodness of people across cultures and communities; the many special experiences that I’ve had; and the unique beauty of each location.

What advice do you have for prospective locum tenens providers?
Please keep WMS a secret.

What’s the most interesting thing that you learned while on assignment?
How true caring and compassion opens the door to healing in the hearts of the people I serve.

Is there anything else you would like to share?
I have grown tremendously as a person and as a provider through my interactions with the many communities that I have served.