Wilderness Medical Staffing (WMS) is an elite team of highly qualified medical professionals who provide excellence in locum tenens medical care in any location, under any circumstances.

After working as a Nurse Practitioner in Alaska and Montana for nearly 20 years, Mary Ellen Doty, President and founder of WMS, came to understand the importance that good healthcare has in remote and rural areas. She also came to understand the need for a ‘local’ healthcare staffing company that could specialize in staffing these ‘wilderness’ areas with top-notch medical personnel.

With this knowledge and understanding, Mary Ellen started Wilderness Medical Staffing. WMS began as a grassroots Alaska company with the mission to provide excellence in locum tenens medical care in any location, under any circumstances. WMS has grown exponentially over the past 6 years, but we will always maintain our personal touch and 24/7 availability.

At Wilderness Medical Staffing, we offer a stable, competent staffing company that will cater to you.  See how we can help you.

Wilderness Medical Staffing is a locally owned and operated locum tenens corporation that has the experience and innovation to solve any staffing need. We are completely familiar with the areas that we send practitioners to because we have worked and lived in many of these areas ourselves. Because of this, we understand the unique difficulties that rural areas have in obtaining and keeping quality medical providers.

We are able to thoroughly orient our practitioners to the particular site where they will be placed, which means they will be able to hit the ground running. Overall, we offer our clinic sites top-quality health care providers and our providers have the chance to live life adventurously, while feeling the satisfaction of truly making a difference in the health of rural communities.

Both our practitioners and our clinics and hospitals feel comfortable trusting us because of our experience, 24/7 support, and success rate. We consistently place the right locum tenens practitioners in the right locations to help alleviate staffing vacancies.

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