Meet Erin

Provider Type

Location of Locum Assignment(s)

Briefly describe your pre-medical and/or pre-locum work experience
I have been a PA for 14 years. My primary practice is in the ED, but I also have work experience in orthopedics, ENT, primary care, and urgent care.

What drew you to locum tenens work?
I enjoy the flexibility of locum work. I have a full-time position in Oregon but I’m able to practice and expand my skills, while seeing new places and making great income during my time off.

Why did you choose WMS?
I grew up in Montana. I graduated from Billings West and then received my BS from Montana State… Go Bobcats! I chose WMS because of the locations that they staff, and I appreciate that they are familiar with and often have worked at the places that they’re sending us. Additionally, I still have family in Montana and it’s been great to get to see them when I travel to and from assignments.

What have you enjoyed most about your locum tenens experiences?
I really enjoy getting to know the people that make up the communities where I’m staffing. There is a lot of heart and soul that makes smaller communities run, and I find the patients and the staff I’m working with to be kind, welcoming, gracious, and adaptable.

What surprised you the most about your locum tenens experiences?
I was surprised at how welcoming everyone is to incoming locum providers, and how easy it is to transition to new locations.

How has your experience been with WMS?
WMS has been a great company to work with! I feel well supported, with excellent communication before, during, and after assignments.

What stands out to you about the communities and cultures you have interacted with as a locum tenens provider?
I’m always impressed with how much people in smaller communities help and support each other. If someone is making a grocery run or stopping by a pharmacy in a nearby town, they’ll check ahead to see if any of their neighbors need anything. It’s really neat to see entire communities come together and help each other to survive and thrive.

What advice do you have for prospective locum tenens providers?
I was a little intimidated when I started my first few assignments, especially being at solo provider sites. But I’ve found that my locums work has improved my confidence and my skills. I like the challenge of working with different resources available to me, and I found that there’s always a really strong and sympathetic network of consultants all around the state that are there to help you succeed. I never really felt alone in caring for my patients.

What’s the most interesting thing that you learned while on assignment?
I learned what being a “rural medicine provider” actually means. I was surprised at how many hats that person wears and how much benefit one person can be to that town. When I was in Ekalaka, I worked as their PCP in clinic and full time ED provider, in addition to covering the nursing home and hospital. Additionally, I acted as the school nurse and community health coordinator when there was a minor lice outbreak at the school!